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How not to get shown up: Champions League fashion post-mortem

Pep Guardiola & Sir Alex Ferguson, 28 May 2011

My brother hates when managers don’t dress the part, as he thinks it shows they don’t care about the match. He has a long-standing grudge against Sir Alex Ferguson for rolling up to a Chelsea-Manchester United match in a tracksuit when José Mourinho wore a suit, which he considered an insult to the Blues. Since then, he calls Fergie ‘Sir Homeless.’

Part I:

Brother: Pep is really the anti-Sir Homeless. He wears a suit that fits that wasn’t made forty years ago. He doesn’t look super-dumpy or like a gum-chewing idiot.

Part II:

Brother: If I was watching this game and I was royalty, I’d take his knighthood away for his poor outfit, his terrible gum chewing, and for the fact that he lets himself get shot in a wide shot with Pep. If it was like Harry Redknapp, I’d understand it, but Pep? Come on. Don’t stand near that dude when you are that homeless.
Me: The only two managers who could ever dare to be in the same shot as Pep Guardiola are José Mourinho and André Villas-Boas. And, if they were working, Roberto Di Matteo and Roy Keane.

Part III:

Brother: I don’t know if Sir Homeless saw the video of him next to Pep and that’s why he’s now sitting on the bench with his legs crossed or if he’s just given up and he’s planning his retirement speech.

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