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* Soccer, for our fellow Yanks


FA Cup

Brother: Did you hear about how the guy who maintains the FA Cup trophy had to do like eighty hours of repair work on it this year? He had to fix the Champions League trophy, too.

Me: No. Well, I knew that we broke the Champions League cup.

Brother: Yeah, I guess when it came back this year, they really had to work on it. [He looks it up.] Yeah, master silversmith Kevin Williams. He said, ‘It was pretty well damaged - so many people wanted a piece of it. … This year it took probably 70 to 80 hours of restoration and polishing, where you would normally allow more like 38 hours to make sure everything’s all right.’

Me: Wow.

Brother: Yeah, then he says, ‘I’ve been looking after the FA Cup for about 17 years now, and the damage this time was more extensive; although a few years ago, without naming the team responsible, the Cup came back with the lid in two pieces.’ You know that was us. I mean, who else would it be—we’ve won it the most.

Me: Yeah, I really want to say it was Man City, but it was totally us. [Note: Actually, according to this article, it may have been Portsmouth.]

Brother: Probably that’s why Ashley Cole shot that guy: ‘YOU BROKE MY CUP.’

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