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* Soccer, for our fellow Yanks

Feast Day is coming

The feast day of St. Fernando is March 20. As always, we like to celebrate it literally by feasting in the name of the patron saint of HSPN, so we again challenge you, our readers, to eat in honor of Fernando Torres. There were some great suggestions last year, ranging from Sun Chips to angel hair pasta, so we can’t wait to hear your ideas, whatever they may be.

The rules, as adapted from last year’s challenge:

  1. Nando’s does not count. That’s basically cheating.
  2. No Budweiser. It makes Fernando sad, but also no one should drink that piss.
  3. Post your food—descriptions and/or photos—below or send them via the Ask box on our blog, the fan note feature, or Twitter (@hairsports), with an explanation of its Torres-ness.

Send us your suggestions by the end of Feast Day (Wednesday, March 20) and I’ll post entries shortly thereafter.

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