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All stars

Ashley Cole, 12 August 2012

First half:

Me: So I’m dumb and I thought we’d get to wear the star on our league kits, too, and am now disappointed that we don’t.

Brother: Yeah, you just wear them in the Champions League. I guess you could put stars for the number of Premierships you won.

Me: I’m enough of a jerk that I would wear the CL star all the time on everything. And when I say all the time, I mean like on my street clothes, too. Underwear. Socks.

Brother: Ashley Cole should put his own personal FA Cup stars on his kit, just to let everyone know what’s up.

Me: It’s so many, though, that his kit would just be gold with specks of blue.

Brother: I’m sure he wears that kit under everything he wears.

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