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A girl and her brother, on hair in football*
* Soccer, for our fellow Yanks

Obviously, silverware

Roberto Di Matteo, 19 May 2012

Brother: This was really bad for our future managers. Roman now believes that he can fire anyone in the middle of the year and it’ll lead to a double with the CL.

Me: Roman's probably like, If I fire a guy EARLIER, maybe we can do a treble.

Brother: Roman just fired me as the 2014 Chelsea science officer in hopes that it leads to a treble next year.

Me: So am I supposed to walk in solidarity or are we doing an AVB/RDM? Because I can fucking rock a sweater/skinny tie combo.

Brother: Who knows, you’ll have to wait until 2014 to see if he will hire you and then fire you as well, instead of getting fired before you get hired like me.

Me: So basically, I’m Pep Guardiola, then. Which is fine; I can still wear the sweater/skinny tie, I’ll just wear tighter trousers.