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The Fernando Torres Feast Day menu

Yesterday, I challenged you lot to come up with ideas to celebrate the Feast Day of Fernando Torres, the patron saint of this blog. Only a few of you were intrepid and inventive enough to enter.

silly8 kicked things off with a delicious and simple suggestion: ‘paella? idk.’

whatthebloomcc put hours of hilarious thought into her entry:

So I read this when I should have been paying attention in economics about ten hours ago, and have been racking my brain for an answer ever since. Well I finally have one…Sun Chips (original flavor). Here’s my logic, think of it a very poor version of Six Degrees of Separation:

1. FT is from sunny Spain, and Sun Chips are made in solar powered factories.
2. After the FA Cup tie this weekend, I realized that FT was looking a little pasty and could use a little bit of sun.
3. Since I don’t want him looking all orange like Cristiano Ronaldo, cheddar ones are obviously out of the running.
4. The packaging is blue, and FT plays for Chelsea and they wear blue.
5. I don’t want to go to the store or cook anything so my choices were Sun Chips, Peanut Butter, Matzo, or Diet Coke.
6. I really just needed a reason to justify why I consumed an entire bag of them in one sitting today.

Happy FT Feast Day!

The ultimate winner was @NotAKennedy, who weighed in with an amazingly perfect idea:

As for me, my lunch was shrimp tortillitas, based on a dish from a Madrid restaurant, with a glass of rioja. Later I had a builder’s tea in a Chelsea mug.

But, as always, I give the final word to my brother, who declared himself the winner:

Brother: The winning entry is mine: Let’s eat Paulo.
Me: I bet he doesn’t taste very good.
Brother: He’s no Yuri Zhirkov*, but he’s been resting on the bench so long, he’s got to be tender.

* A reference to a notorious line in Carlo Ancelotti's memoir: 'I was looking at Yuri Zhirkov and all I could see was a rib-eye steak.'

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