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Talking a big game

Roman Abramovich, 5 October 2007


Me: Know who was watching the Blues at Bolton match at Nevada Smith’s this weekend? Roman Abramovich. I would’ve stood next to him the entire time, mimicking his lame clap.

Brother: Yeah, except he’d have you mysteriously killed.

Me: That would explain why all the people in the bar allegedly left him alone.

Brother: Someone probably went up to him and Roman’s bodyguard just held up a picture of Skeletor and was like, Do you want to be like this man? and then after that everyone left him alone. It’s like how you are supposed to beat up the biggest guy in jail on your first day, except much scarier.

Me: And then I’d have to be, like, You talk a big game for a man who still wears stonewashed jeans.

Brother: Man, he’d probably kill you himself right there for that remark. Still, it’d be a good way to die, because then everyone would just mock Roman for the rest of his life for wearing them.

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