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A girl and her brother, on hair in football*
* Soccer, for our fellow Yanks

freeglassart asked: Chelsea? I think we played against those guys in the club world cup... Yeah, they lucked out with two own goals. :P

Pretty sure it was just the one.

Game theory

Diego Costa, 13 September 2014

Brother: Apparently, Costa scored in the 45th, 56th, and 67th minutes. I think he’s so good that he’s intentionally playing these number games.

Me: I like to imagine that Costa is a secret mathematical and goal-scoring savant who has to set up little challenges for himself like that every match so he doesn’t 1. get bored 2. embarrass the opposition. Last time, it was scoring at the outer limits of normal time; this time, it was sequential time markers. Next time, it’ll probably involve tesseracts or some conceptual shit like that. Basically, he’s Good Will Hunting.

Brother: My fear in that situation is that he goes Beautiful Mind-level crazy.

Me: Ha ha, what if it turns out that Cesc is imaginary.

Brother: More likely: former Arsenal player plays for Chelsea after a less than great year at Barca and has six assists in four games or imaginary?

Jesus or Jeremy

38th minute:

Me: There’s a steward and/or cameraman on the sideline who looks like Jesus. Or Jeremy Davies as Jesus.

Brother: Jeremy Davies: That’s the same thing.