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More sponsors than kit

Filipe Luís, 23 July 2014

That must be the most sponsors ever seen on a kit.

I would’ve loved to hear the club’s conversations with the companies who ended up on the arse and crotch of the team shorts.

midnightstarsky asked: Hi! I just want to say you have made my day since discovering this blog. It's great to see a blog supportive and loving towards Fernando Torres, so thank you for that. I have one question, if FT leaves to Atletico Madrid, will you still be following the Patron Saint? I'll miss your brother's love for FT and it is still the Year of FT!

Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Regarding what will happen if Torres departs, my brother says, ‘I will support FT, but won’t follow him. I hope he does really well and I think he will, but I only follow Chelsea.’

Bidding war


Yes, my brother actually said this:

Brother: If we could get a bidding war for FT, that would be optimal.

Still fueling that Pogba train

My brother keeps fueling that Pogba train:

Half-time, Saturday:

Brother: Hopefully, we bring in Pogba for the second half.
Me: That’s about as likely as us bringing in Zombie Fatty Foulke.


Brother: Juve said they don’t want to sell any of their players especially Vidal. Pogba to Chelsea confirmed.
Me: Wait, they actually confirmed it or you’re just confirming it?
Brother: I came to the logical conclusion and confirmed it for them.


Me: BBC:

Paris St-Germain may be unable to sign Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, 21, because of constraints imposed by Financial Fair Play rules. That leaves Manchester United and Real Madrid as the only two potential candidates for the France international. Lefigaro (in French)

Brother: Uh.
Me: The train just ran out of fuel.
Brother: This paper is crazy. They are talking about selling Pogba to United or Real.